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Israel is an experience you’ll never want to miss out on, and would never want to forget. No other country is so diverse and so fascinating in the historical, religious, human, cultural and culinary sense, like Israel. Come for an experience of once in a lifetime!! Come visit Israel.

The state of Israel is without a doubt one of the most interesting and fascinating places on the globe. There’s hardly anyone who has not heard or seen in the mainstream media, or the digital media, news or information about Israel.

Israel is a unique place, it’s the cradle of the important monotheistic religions; Israel is a rich faith, history and archeology, ever since the prehistoric man’s era, with relics found in prehistoric caves as well as findings since the beginning of history and all the way to our own time. Israel, having situated on the important crossroads Egypt-Asia-Europe, has always been a source of attraction for many conquerors. And, indeed, who has not resided here? From the ancient Egyptians, through the Canaanites, the Israelis of course, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Byzantines, the Crusaders, to the Muslims with their plethora of Empires.

Israel is variety of landscapes, from the Hermon peak which is snowy in the winter, and to the barren desert of the Negev. The mountains of Galilee on one side, and the Dead Sea – the lowest place on earth, 430 meters below sea level!! – On the other. The Mediterranean Sea, the Sea of Galilee, the Red Sea. All this on a tiny area of just a little more than 23,000 square kilometers, with the longest road in the country which is measured 486 kilometers of length only!! So we have planes, mountains, valleys, communities, Kibutz and Moshav villages, green, blue, yellow, white, and much more.


Israel has a rich and diverse flora and advanced agriculture, from apples and pears originated in Europe, and to Mango and Pineapple which came from tropical regions. All is grown here in the country, with abundance of vegetables and supreme quality yield.

Israel is a modern country, with top notch technology in all fields, a strong economy, and impressive Hi Tech industry – often called a Startup Nation. Groundbreaking Information technologies, water desalination, recycling and ecological technologies, a first class military industry, diamond processing and jewelry production, and of course tourism.

Israel is a fun place to tour and be. Enjoy the variety of food, international restaurants, and exciting flavors for every budget. Israel is a place of music, art, theatre, performance shows, great coffee shops, pubs, and the best night clubs you could imagine. Not without a reason has Tel Aviv received its title of the most rousing city in the world.

Israel has fascinating, warm, welcoming people that would love to talk to you and explain to you anything you’d want to know. Israel is a place of pioneer mind, hope and triumph of the human spirit over the difficulties and climate.

Throughout most of the year Israel is a place of comfortable weather. Indeed July and August are considered hot, and not as recommended, but even so you could still plan a great site seeing tour in July, and have lots of fun. January and February are typically rainy months, but you would still be able to enjoy many days of easy and convenient weather, and benefit from the best low season prices available – this is a great time to escape a cold winter in Europe, or the United States. The rest of the months throughout the year are splendid, perfect for a visit, and the possibilities are endless.

 Israel offers the best touristic infrastructure – hotels, Zimmers and hostels, great guesthouses and rooms for rent. All meet the standards of a western highly advanced country.

When you’ll visit Israel, you will meet all types of populations you can imagine – modern nonreligious young Jewish people, traditional and religious Jewish, Orthodox Jewish, Muslim and Christian Arabs, Bedouin, Druze, Circassians, Baha’is and more. Every group holds its tradition and customs – a fascinating world.

From every possible sense – Israel is the answer to all of your wishes, desires and dreams.

So why visit Israel?

 Because Israel is amongst the fewest places you could fully experience such a wide variety of landscapes, phenomenon and people in a short visit of a week or 10 days. Everyone is very busy, and you can spare only a short time for your vacation – only in Israel you could exploit that time to the fullest and be fully rewarded for it. Come and behold the most beautiful city in the world, Jerusalem, on which was stated “Ten measures of beauty were bestowed upon the world; nine were taken by Jerusalem”.

Why Now?

If you still didn’t visit Israel, now is the time to come and enjoy the unique experience, with so much interest and so many attractions. Israel is the right choice.

What is the appropriate age for a visit?

Israel is for everyone – couples and singles, groups and families with or without children. There aren’t many hours on the road, and you could easily diversify your visit with many special attractions for the kids which you would find in no other place – such as participation in a true archeological excavation, Mini Israel Park, and much more.

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