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Caesarea, Haifa and Akko

Israel is a beautiful place for the nature lover and the tourists.

 It is a great experience that no one should ever miss it.

Driving on the coastal road between Tel Aviv and Haifa. A visit to Caesarea is a famous port city built by king Herod for himself and to honor the roman emperor Augustus in the first century BC. Caesarea was built in a roman model as a cosmopolitan city from the beginning where Jews, romans, pagans and others lived.

We will tour the city’s most important sites and among other things the famous theater that to this day used for performances of top singers and bands in Israel. The special acoustics and the restored building provides the theater unique atmosphere like before – to today. Before we could see pantomime performances, tragedy and comedy including a band playing and today updated performances of all kinds from stand with classic ways and up to international rock bands.

We will continue and go through the wall towards the palace of king Herod with three air exposures to the sea and private swimming pool. Western hippodrome where chariot races were held with two or four horses like in the movie Ben Hur and only remains for us to imagine the various scenes there. Gladiatorial contests, live animals against gladiators just like in the movie Gladiator only with a view of the sea.

We will move to Roman – Byzantine city, the Cardo and main street, the Tavern (roman pub) and the Beltran (public washrooms). Entry to the premises of the Crusader city and visit the remains of the temple of Rome and August – the main building of the city where Christian Basilica was built in the Byzantine period. Visit the Caesarea harbor where the entire area became a recreation area with restaurants, cafes and shops. Ending with Nymphaeum Caesarea (main fountain) and exit the crusader gate to the parking lot.

Traveling to Haifa – the third largest city in Israel and the second largest port city. Haifa is built on Mount Carmel at the highest point and descends through Hadar – the middle section to downtown located in Haifa really down. We will climb up to the Carmel area and the remarkable observation over the Haifa bay, the city, the Bahia temple, and all the area from the balcony of the Bahia gardens. We will go on a tour (if held by the Bahia’s) magnificent garden and we will go down to the middle part. (If long tour will not take place, there will be a short tour at the always open top part). Bahia’s are the newest religion in the world with more than 5.5 million believers with more than 100 countries. The Bahia’s originated in a Shi’ite from Iran and we will hear how they came here unintentionally. We will continue the tour ride in the city including a visit to the German colony with the fascinating story of German Templars who came up to the holy land from the south of Germany, in 1868 to promote the coming of Jesus and brought with them the European introduction and cooperated with the Jewish and Arab populations under the auspices of Turkey. Drive to Akko and visit important sites. Akko is a special city in which special structures have been preserved from the crusader period in a rare condition that was announced by UNESCO as a world heritage international crusader period site.

We will visit the old city and reach the impressive knights halls and in them, the northern knights hall, the great hall (hospital of the knight hospitaller), fortress Akko and various parts between them. In this area we can enjoy multimedia audiovisual show, interactive along a beautiful route with video projections on the original walls, sound effects and explanations about the different places accompanied by music and various quotes.

We will continue to tour the old city, Al Gzar mosque, Templar tunnel, the port and the wide wall from the days of Ottoman. The city built as a city over special and charming city and includes buildings from the crusader and ottoman periods. We will hear about the visit of the famous general Napoleon Bonaparte that wanted to conquer Akko but failed against Ahmed Gzar. Those who finish the trip return back to the center. For those who continue a day or two will sleep overnight in Akko or close by.

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