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Upper Galilee

Israel is a beautiful place for the nature lover and the tourists.

 It is a great experience that no one should ever miss it.

Galilee region is very green and wooded among all parts of Israel and certainly one of the most beautiful among them which we will tour today. Drive towards the northwest point in Israel, the Lebanese border at Rosh Hanikra.

Rosh Hanikra is a natural site that is small and interesting in it steep ridge meets the Mediterranean. In the place was created an interesting natural phenomenon and caverns (caves) caused by waves pressure on the rock that borders the sea with local geological phenomena.

The water color varies depending on the lighting and ranges from blue to green. In the place trained a special path carved in the rock and moves through points of interests in the beautiful place.

From there we will continue east on the road, through the most beautiful road in Israel which is northern road that passes most of the Lebanese border. Sloping road and mountain landscapes with many trees provides a sense of nature in all its glory. A beautiful winding road passes between the mountains and landscapes.

Check in Mount Meron, the second mountain in Israel and go up with car until parking lot. Advance to observation post over the while region and peripheral walking trail is a golf summit course amidst oak and impressive views.

We will continue with a visit to Safed, one of the four holy cities in Israel, built on Safed Mountain, and is the city from which came the famous Kabbalah. The city has special atmosphere and a unique character of its own, combined with mountain air as clear as wine. We will visit the most important synagogues like Ari Ashkenazi synagogue in its Italian style, stroll in the artists’ quarter, the synagogue of Rabbi Yosef Karo and little and unique alleyways of the city.

We can add trip days such as Upper Galilee, Golan Heights, and the Kinneret region emphasis on Jews only, Negev, Eilat and Petra according to details of the proposed chapter “important places in Israel.”

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