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Image by Avi Theret

Eilat and Petra

Israel is a beautiful place for the nature lover and the tourists.

 It is a great experience that no one should ever miss it.

Eilat – Ultimate resort city of Israel. Welcome to the southern city in Israel – Eilat, located on the shores of the Red Sea. Granite and other igneous rocks provide Eilat mountains colors and fascinating hues.

Visit to the underwater observatory marine park – Eilat, where there are flooding the submarine itself, aquarium sharks and different views of fish, corals and animals from the red sea and other places around the world.

Camel ride in the mountains of Eilat – the experience of riding in the desert the ship of the desert.

Hiking in the mountains of the beautiful Eilat depending on the group’s ability to walk/family/individual

and the feeling of walking in a secluded spot, struck close to the city.

Finish the afternoon and across the border in Joran and from there to the hotel in the nearby town

of Petra/hotel in Eilat.

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