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Israel is a beautiful place for the nature lover and the tourists.

 It is a great experience that no one should ever miss it.

Ascending to the Golan heights from the Hula valley and check in to a wonderful observation across the Jordan river, Galilee finger and Galilee mountains. The Golan heights is covered with a layer of basalt over rocky chalk – male volcanic active for millions of years, smooth and fruitful time there is a flourishing farming and beautiful, and the high north part you can see the peaks of the volcanoes that were there. We will look at Katzrin – the capital of the Golan heights and its largest settlement. Visit the ancient Katzrin and the ancient synagogue from the Byzantine period. In Katzrin there are about 8,000 residents. We will visit the famous Golan heights winery, one of the largest and finest wineries in Israel.

We will continue to the observation of Mount Burden – one of the head volcanoes in the volcano line of Israel in the Golan, where there are still remnants of war and attacks bunker that we could visit. In the place a beautiful view on the whole region, including the border with Syria and nearby communities, Mount Hermon in Israel is 2,224 meters and the Golan heights. In the place a special coffee named Kofi Annan – coffee in the cloud and this is just the name of the former UN secretary general Kofi Annan.

Descending to Kibbutz Merom Golan and drive towards the settlement Odem. Short trip to the great Juba which is the first deep pit that was created in the ground at the beginning of a volcanic eruption. Beautiful and unique place where there is an illusion that earth opened up and swallowed the beautiful oak trees forest inside. With the remainder of the time we will visit Kibbutz Ortal and kibbutz Hashomer on the way of life and the collective ideology of the old Kibbutz. Beautiful and pastoral place. Back to the hotel/center.

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