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Negev and southern Israel

Israel is a beautiful place for the nature lover and the tourists.

 It is a great experience that no one should ever miss it.

Drive from the center towards the Negev. A dramatic change in the landscape, vegetation and density of course. We will bypass Beer Sheva and go through road 40 until we reach one of the few farms, and learn about one of the most interesting forms of settlement in the desert, the unique lifestyle of living in these farms and what brought them there. Life as before in some cases.

We will continue to Kibbutz Boker Field. In the Kibbutz we will visit Ben Gurion hut – the home of the first prime minister and founder of the state of Israel, David Ben-Gurion’s vision was settling the Negev and he saw the Negev as the future of Israel and the land reserves that. The modest house of his symbolizes the unique personality and a moving personal story. We will continue to midreshet SDE boker and will tour the grave of David Ben-Gurion and his wife Paula Ben-Gurion, with a wonderful view towards Mount Zin central Negev, eye works and the region.

We will drive to Mitzpe Ramon and visit the visitor center and will be impressed from the unique phenomenon worldwide crater at the top of Mount erosion, weathering and huge geological fracture (rift valley). Machtesh is an international geological concept originated here, and the world only has six craters like that. Most of them are in Israel. Ramon crater elongated heart shape and is reflected in the amazing and impressive observation deck. Crater drop means going back in time millions of years of geological and different colors on the sides of the crater, and at the bottom are also added to the experience.

We will go down to the bottom of the crater and we will tour in the sawmill. We can get an impression from the bottom of the crater, and the formation of a unique phenomenon “cast volcanic” hexagonal shape, created by volcanic processes millions of years ago. Jeep tour integration option 4 on 4 in the area or alternatively a short trip in the bottom of the crater. Traveling through the Negev, Arava and Eilat arrival/Jordan border.

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